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SUNSHINE CITY // Dir. Arthur Gay, Prod. Celine Sutter // 2022

Written, directed, and edited by Arthur Gay

Produced by Celine Sutter and Heather Francis

ELI, BRIEFLY // Dir. Celine Sutter // 2022

Written, directed, and edited by Celine Sutter

Currently in post-production

MILO // Dir. Celine Sutter // 2021

When Alex, a queer radio programmer, discovers an injured dog on the side of the road, their night takes a turn for the unexpected. Through their journey into the night, and Milo’s fight for his life, Alex comes face to face with what it means to be alone, and the work it takes to let someone in.

Written, directed, and edited by Celine Sutter

Official Selection Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn, 2022

SECOND SHIFT // Dir. Celine Sutter // 2021

Each of us has a second shift, you know, the one that happens when you get home from work?  For Amira, getting off her bartending job and coming home means turning away a girl she's seeing at the door, and caring for her father, Andrew.

Written, directed and edited by Celine Sutter

GODS, GENERALLY // Dir. Celine Sutter // 2020

As a superstorm is hitting the New York City area we are thrown into the lives of a mother and daughter in a mandatory evacuation zone, and a woman in hospice care upstate forced to celebrate her birthday alone. This is the story of a storm and a flood, one that has happened and will continue to happen: "people have the tendency to think they are gods, generally." I wrote, directed, and edited the short film for my senior year thesis project at NYU Gallatin.