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MILO // Short Film // 2021


When Alex, a queer radio programmer, discovers an injured dog on the side of the road, their night takes a turn for the unexpected. Through their journey into the night, and Milo’s fight for his life, Alex comes face to face with what it means to be alone, and the work it takes to let someone in.



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"MILO" Is a film about a reluctant hero and recognizing our patterns of self-isolation. We all have moments of change, some happen gradually, and some snap into view. We follow Alex through their journey into the night saving Milo, a dog they found on the street. Alex comes face to face with themself when they see Milo. Through the experience, we see Alex change and take the first steps towards vulnerability.

Queer and non-binary representation is crucial in my work both on and off-screen. "MILO" has an entire queer, female and non-binary crew, as well as the lead.

Director's Statement

Behind the Scenes


Celine Sutter
Lio Mehiel, Mahalet Dejene, Lucy Consagra, Anne-Marie Cusson and Elliott Skinner.
Alex Bateman
Sara Ravid 
Hil Steadman
Marie Fucile
Emily Everhard
Murdo Miles Barker-Mill
Sara Ravid
Kevin Mathein
Em Brennan
Ito Choho
Kat Folker 
Alyona Bratash
Yoko Kohmoto
Isabella Jorissen
Roni Shabo
Ben Federman 
Madeline McCormack 


Writer, Director, and Editor

Consulting Producer
Director of Photography
Production Design
1st AD
1st AC
Casting Director
Puppet Handler
Puppet Maker
Production Assistant
Sound Design


In association with New York Women in Film and Television and Columbia University School of the Arts, Film MFA

Special Thanks:
Rania Attieh, Jamal Joseph, Bette Gordon, John Allen, Jesse Thomas, Sadie Scott, John Sutter, Kathleen Kucka, Jacindaly Guzman, J.T. Footman, Spencer Zabiela, Roni Shabo, Em Brennan, Radhika Rajkumar, Alyona Bratash, Ann Czar, Sam Jorgensen

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