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Well, I Should Get Going // Short Film // 2024


Mariah is desperate to leave a party. 

Director's Statement

"Well, I Should Get Going" marks the third film collaboration between Yoko and Celine. With Yoko's punchy script and Celine's dynamic direction, they capture the all-too-familiar anxiety of wanting to leave a party. Around every corner is someone to avoid, or worse, your ex moving on. Through the tumultuous night, we follow Mariah as she tries to dodge labels and expectations, only to become ensnared in her own web of lies. This comedy hilariously and earnestly explores her sense of being out of place.

Selected Stills

Behind the Scenes

Photographed by Derin Çelik


Cast | Sienna Hubert-Ross, Lucy Consagra, Justin Rodriguez, Graham Campbell, Joyce Keokham, Tia Carr, Brigitte Thieme-Burdette, Matti Steriti, Alfred Cabera 

Extras | Jiin Oh, Julia Bailen, Heather Francis, Noah Sutter, Sara Nishimura, Radhika Rajkumar

Director | Celine Sutter

Writer, Producer | Yoko Kohmoto

Editor | Mak Makower

Director of Photography | Hil Steadman

Production Design | Marissa Todd

Costume Designer | John Baller

First Assistant Director | Yohana Desta

Second Assistant Director | Ivan Rome

1st Assistant Camera | Allison Cavanaugh

Steadicam Operator | Sam Campbell 

Gaffer | Elo Santa Maria

Key Grip | Jared Meyer

Grips | Em Brennan, Emmet Luciano

Location Sound Recordist | CJ Bruce

Make-Up Artist | Randy Rosenthal

Hair Stylist | Alina Rose Stout

Mechanic | Kacie Pagenelli

Art PA | Ashley Ding

Film Photography | Derin Çelik

Post Production Supervisor | Laura Ganotis

Colorist | Murdo Miles Barker-Mill

Contributing Colorist | Ben Federman

Sound Designer | Klaire Zhang


Written and Performed by DEZI, Chandler Leighton

Produced by DEZI, Florio, Brennan Loney,

Courtesy of DEZI, Chandler Leighton


Written and Performed by Cailin Russo

Produced by Andrew Luce

Courtesy of Cailin Russo


Written by DEZI, Tiger Darrow, Daniela Murica

Performed by DEZI

Produced by DEZI, Tiger Darrow, Courtesy of DEZI

Tom Kalin

Jack Lechner

Michael Cacioppo Belantara

Peter Vaughan

Alece Oxendine

Emily Jampel

Materials for the Arts

Bliss Khaw & Dan Washburn

Andreas Nicholas

Ben Freeman

Josephine Chiang

Rahel Desalegne & Girma Tefera


Soheil Rezayazdi

Jean Goto

Hanna Gray Organschi

Katerina Stephan

Allison Sun

María Cristina

Michael Kim

Hamilton Guillen

Solomon Chidi Amadiume

Kevin Lee

Hector Prats

Kathleen Young

Navin Gopaul

Caroline Blair

Heidi Ropa

Shelby Bacus

Colin Clayton

Gee Bee

Jiin Oh

Michael Kim

Aditya Jain

Sumaia Masoom

Declan Masterson

Produced in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the M.F.A. degree of the Film Program, School of the Arts, Columbia University.

This film was made possible by the Emerging Filmmakers Grant and Columbia School of the Arts' Finishing Funds.

Copyright © 2023 WELL, I SHOULD GET GOING All Rights Reserved.

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