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SWEET TOOTH // Music Video // 2022

"Sweet Tooth" Music Video Press

“Sweet Tooth” was born out of conversations with Maya about the song, the album Moss, and the unique feel of sweetness, cavity, death, and joy. We discussed care, caretaking, childhood and adult friendships. There is an innate joy and bounce to the song, and we wanted to bring that genuine energy to Maya funeral’s party, at the beach. 


Days before the shoot, Maya was experiencing actual extreme wisdom tooth pain, and quickly we pivoted to include her existing sweet tooth in the song. After Maya had many real visits to Dr.’s offices, we decided to make our own. The video then took shape as a trip to the dentist and an anesthesia dream she has while going under. In the edit, we found the deconstructed nature of the dream with the behind-the-scenes footage - as if Maya was participating in the making of, and the theater of, her own funeral. “Sweet Tooth” is a trippy, playful video that embraces the duality of its themes: a joyful and melancholic funeral, a fake dream world with real footage, care and loneliness, sweetness and pain. 

Director's Statement

Selected Stills

Behind the Scenes
Photographs by Wes O'Connor

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